Best format to save a text resume

Best format to save a text resume

The times have changed and so have the companies, We are all walking towards a brighter and better future. And hence most of the companies do not accept plain paper resumes neither by hand as hard copy nor by post. With the rising environmental concerns, companies prefer virtual copies of your resume, as it makes the hiring committee's lives easier to navigate and search for the right candidate.

The text document makes your life better as it is easier to upload in the recruiting sites where potential employers are hunting for resumes that have the right keywords that are related to the right candidate for the position.

Sometimes companies ask you to submit your resume as plain text, for security reasons. And it is always best to have your resume saved in one or more formats. Our favorites are Microsoft Word, PDF, and Plain text.

MS Word: The best option to save your text resume is it has all the options for formatting, graphics, and style your resume with bullet points. However, you may have a problem with the formatting while sending it to the hiring committee. Sometimes the format does not remain the same when the reader receives it. There are chances that the reader received the file with jumbled-up formatting. This might decrease your chances of not getting the job.

PDF: Saving your resume in this format makes your resume uneditable, in which the reader can only read your application and not make any changes to it. But there are some technical difficulties with the PDF that will make your resume vanish under the ATS scanner. Since ATS is widely used software among hiring committees around the world. It puts your application at risk if you save your application in this manner.

Plain text: This is the ancient way of sending someone your resume. And this is more reliable as your text will be preserved. And sometimes it is easier to copy and paste while sending your resume as the body of an email etc. The only problem with this type of resume is that you cannot add any graphics to the resume. And bullet points will be substituted by symbols.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of all the options in which you can save your text resume. You can choose the option that suits the best for your needs. And in any case, you need help please feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at +91 7838195810.  

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