Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Page Makeover

Rs.9000 - Rs.12000

A professionally written resume that positions you perfectly for the next profile. All our resumes are written by industry specific resume writers who collaborate with you to understand your expectations and draft the resume in sync with the present market trends.

A powerful cover letter to give the reader a perspective on who you are and the value you bring to the table when they hire you.

A professionally crafted LinkedIn profile that you can use either for networking purposes or to apply for positions that open up on LinkedIn directly. Your LinkedIn profile is also made recruiter friendly to ensure that you get the maximum visibility when recruiters look for profiles on the portal.

Output: PDF, PowerPoint and 3 copies of the final document couriered to the address provided at the time of placing the order. (Deliverable areas within India only)

Product Details

Elaborate discussions

To have an in-depth understanding of your role, managerial skills and experience and to position you in the best manner on your profile.

Powerful keywords

The inclusion of industry specific keywords to ensure higher ranking at screening to get you to the next level of discussion and right keywords highlight your expertise and decision-making abilities.

Professional formats

Globally accepted formats that are not only 100% ATS compatible but also pleasing to the eye.


We accommodate up to three rounds of revision on your profile to ensure that you are happy with the end output.

Hard Copies

A set of 3 copies of your resume and cover letter couriered to your address to ensure that you are fully equipped to face your next interview. (Courier within deliverable areas in India only)

Please note that this is a one-time activity. Additional copies can be purchased by writing to and the same is priced at Rs.500 for a set of 3 copies (Courier within deliverable areas in India only)

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