Red flags to avoid while choosing a resume writing service?

Red flags to avoid while choosing a resume writing service?

We all want a great resume that results in securing our dream job. However, there are some resume writing services that make our resumes an absolute nightmare. While you spend thousands on having your resume "professionally made", some services deliver you a resume that will not get you the job

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So, it is important that you do not let these reasons scare you away from utilizing a resume writing service. Hence here are some of the hints that can give off a bad reputation in a resume writing service.

Lack of Experience:  Always check for the date at which the resume writing agency was started. If it was started recently, then it is best to avoid such services. It is because the service would have fresh out of college employees. So, there are chances that your resume may not be up to the mark.

No Interaction with The Writer: Some resume writing service agencies have you talk to the salesperson for an hour or so. And they promise that they will pass on the notes to their writers. Others let you talk directly to their writers, who will be young and inexperienced. These are major red flags to see. A professional resume writing service will allow you to talk to their experienced writer for a couple of hours and show you great results in the resume.

ATS Un-friendly Resumes: ATS (Application Tracking System) is a software that scans resumes, for job friendly keywords. And this will help the recruiters rank every resume that lands for the job. Now when you spend thousands on your resume and your resume does not contain any of the ATS friendly keywords, the possibility is high that your resume may not be selected and you are at a loss of money, time and most importantly, the opportunity.

Tables And Colours: Some resume writing services use a variety of colours and shading to make your resume different from the others. This will only increase the size of the file and not help in any other way. It is also best to refrain from the old practice of writing educational data or the career timeline using a table, as the ATS scanner for the most part does not recognise it and may show it up as blank space or might jumble up the words. Hence it is best to avoid tables and text boxes in your resume.

The next time you choose a resume writing service, keep these points in mind. The world is full of opportunities, do not let a lacking resume ruin it for you.

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