What Are Your Strengths?

What Are Your Strengths?

What are your strengths

Sounds familiar? The possibilities are that you’ve participated in one or more interviews. But the real question remains – “What is the best answer to this question?”

This question may have come to you in different variations but a well-prepared answer can address any way the question is asked. What is important is how well you are prepared with the answer.

To start with, understand the job and role that you are being interviewed for. Go through the job description and while preparing an answer to this question, bring in important parts from the job description and sync that to your strengths. Be prepared with more than one strength that you can bank on because some interviewers tend to ask you the top three strengths and you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

After you’ve identified the top three strengths that you are going to present which are in sync with the job description and requirement, it is now to come up with examples to show how and where you’ve used these strengths and the results for the same. Creating a storyline to this makes the response interesting and impressive to the interviewer. People love stories and they remember those stories way after you’ve completed the interview.

Practice the order in which you are going to present it and how you are going to tell them a story without pausing or building the story in between. The last thing you want them to think is that you are making up. Real stories are easy to recollect and does not break the flow.

You then look at how you can make this whole segment memorable, this is where you differentiate yourself from the other applicants. You may not realize its effect during the interview but when it comes to selecting you among other choices they have on the table, they tend to lean towards the story that they remember.

The best way to make them recollect your story is to mention strengths that are not frequently heard during the interview. All of the interviewers are bored with phrases like teamwork, hard work, communication, so on and so forth. You want to be different from them, then come up with something interesting. The point is to keep it unique.

The strengths you present when asked for should go hand in hand with the rest of the discussion at the interview. You cannot contradict this elsewhere or when a question is asked in a different way. Now if you feel confident that you have nailed the right answer, write it down, make a clear script out of it, fine tune and start practicing this over and over and bring it to a state where you are able to present it in a confident manner. After all, it’s your own strengths that you are presenting and you cannot be low on confidence here.

A lot of this has to do with your resume for job interview. It is important that your resume speaks the same language as you do and is as powerful as you at the interview.

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