Benefits of a Text resume

Benefits of a Text resume

Appearances are deceptive but in the case of a text resume that is not true. There are numerous products in the market that will make your resume stand out in the crowd of resumes. But being a traditional text resume will give a different way to stand out of the sea of resumes the interviewer gets each day.
Here are some reasons why you need a plain text resume if you are applying for jobs online.

1. Some companies want your resume only in plain text. Some companies accept only text resumes. This is for security reasons. Despite mentioning it in the requirement section not to submit word or pdf files, if candidates send them, they are directly sent to trash. All the hours of editing and money spent on the resume go to waste. The other reason is that text resumes are more ATS compatible than visual resumes.

2. A plain text resume can be quickly read and forwarded in email. While you are sending your resume as an email. It is best to include your experience in the body of the email. This will save a step for the interviewer, rather than opening the document. Some HR receive thousands of emails every day. This is the quickest and easiest way of making their lives easier.

3. Your formatted resume may not appear as you intended. Sometimes when you send your resume, the receiver may or may not receive the document with the same formatting you used in your documents. Hence the resume may look distorted or organised when the interviewer reads it. And sending a PDF does not help, though it preserves all the formatting. If there is a problem in viewing the documents all your efforts go to waste. If you use plain text, you could at least make sure that your resume is readable through email.

4. Online job applications websites prefer plain text. You can make your life easier through a text resume. Since most of the companies have long online applications that take a lot of time to be filled. A textual resume will make your work easier. As it has all the details in the text already and all you need to do is copy and paste. Else, you may get weird characters, spacing, and punctuation issues if you copy from some fancier word processing program.

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