How Does Using Action Verbs Benefit Your Resume?

How Does Using Action Verbs Benefit Your Resume?

 Your resume is a place to show all your achievements and capabilities. And the key to a good resume is in its usage of 'action verbs' or 'action words'. If you do not know what they are, do not worry, we have got it all covered in this article.what are action verbs, what are the importance of using action verbs in your resume, action words and its uses in the resume building process and recruitment module.

Action verbs are verbs that describe a mental or physical action, and are usually written in the past tense. They are a fun way to liven up your resume.

The action verbs are most effective when used in bullets and bold. For example

  • Evaluated performance modules
  • Facilitated team presentations at all levels
  • Demonstrated brand sustainability module that increased profit by 10%

Here are some of the benefits of using action verbs

Maximum effect in minimum words: Action words help you tell your career story effectively to the interviewer. Since you are working in a limited space, short descriptions are vital. They help you inform the interviewer as to why you are a potential candidate.

Pass the ATS scanner easily: The effective action verb will get you pass the ATS scanner easily. The employers are bombarded with thousands of resumes every day, to help them ease the painful process of selecting potential candidates. Thus, they turn to ATS scanner for help. This software is fed with key words to make the desired profile stand out in the crowd. Hence by using the best set of action verbs, you will get past this scanner easily and get a chance to have a face-to-face interview.

Easy on the eyes: Since these words are in bold and bulletin points, it will be easier for the interviewer to read your profile and skim through the action words to ensure that you are the potential can you tailor your resume in action words/action verbs

Tailor it to your needs: Do not go with a one-size-fits-all resume. Change the action words on your resume in accordance to the job requirement. Start by carefully reviewing the job description. If you are applying for a position that requires leadership skills or analytical thinking, then look for words in your resume that focus on those skills and add them.  This will help your resume look apt for the job and it will also make it stand out in the crowd. 

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