How to make an interesting text resume ?

How to make an interesting text resume ?

Resumes are a carrier of your personality in a piece of document. They are your salesmen to the interviewer. You want them to look trendy, professional, and attractive, or old-fashioned, dull, and boring in your hands. Here are some of the tips we have gathered for you to make your text resume interesting.

While writing your resume, make sure that your resume has an attractive summary. This summary must be in about 100 words. And comprise of your work history and your achievements. Make sure that you avoid professional jargon like "team player" "Team leader" etc.

Please make sure that you push your work history to the end of the resume. This will make your resume interesting. If you have a long list of places you worked in, then it is better to put them in a timeline. This will give your resume a fresh breath of visuals in a page full of texts.

We would recommend you avoid writing your education and skills in a table. This will make your resume look old. Which implies a bad impression on your personality. Give your resume a pop of color by adding some charts to represent your education or skill set. This will save you a lot of space and make your resume not only unique but ATS friendly also.

Since you have stuck around to read the entire article, we have something special for you.We are here to reveal the ultimate secret that will make your resume look fantastic for any job interview. Make sure you write your name in a bold font. And write your contact details like your phone number, email id, and social media (if only necessary), in a two-point smaller size. This will make your resume look elegant and professional.

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