Take Your Resume To The Next Level

Take Your Resume To The Next Level

If you want the employers to spend time on reading your resume, you should invest time and money in creating an exceptional one. Time if not money, in creating that document that is specifically curated to interest the target audience. Else, your resume is bound to fall into the 15 – 20 second bracket that the decision-makers spend on glancing through your resume and that too if it is good enough to pass the 6-second rule that the recruiters use while scanning your resume.

You must understand that you only have those 6 or 15 to 20 seconds at each level to grab the recruiter and the hiring manager’s attention. So, unless your resume is able to convey that value quickly, the possibility of the reader moving on to the next applicant is relatively high. It is important that you create the document in a way that grabs attention in a short span of time, engages the reader and positions you as the perfect fit for the role. All this in the limited time available. The best way to achieve that is to strategize your resume writing approach.

The first part of the strategy is to understand that you have to look at it from the reader’s perspective and that is when you will realize that the resume you draft isn’t about you but about the value you bring to your potential employer. That is what they are interested in. Your resume is your most important marketing tool for the employer to choose you over the thousand others out there. It is your advertising material that you should skillfully craft to showcase your potential in an impactful manner.

So here are some tips to take your resume to the next level:

You are the brand:

While drafting a resume, consider yourself as a business. Evaluate the value offerings that you can provide that are in sync with your target job. Evaluate the kind of leadership skills you possess to drive that. Employers out there are looking for more than just a few skills on your resume. They also feel that it is important for them to know how you would fit into their culture. Therefore, showcase your passion, attributes and your personality to show what you bring to the organization beyond the desired set of skills.

Quality of content:

Stop taking the one size fits all approach. Writing a CV on a generic note is not going to set well at all places. Focus on showcasing content that is relevant to the role you are applying for. Be aware of the fact that on a resume, less can be more. Share only aspects that positions you as the right fit for the role. Showcase what you know about the company that you are applying into. Not many do that, but that is an aspect that can create an interest among all employers because it shows the effort that you have taken that other have not. Understand the challenges the business is facing at the moment and how you can be a solution to the problems. Position yourself as a problem solver and validate that with the instances of your past job where you have done that. Focus on specifics, showcase instances of success that you have seen in the past. This gives the reader the confidence that you can repeat the same in their organization.

tips to take your resume to next level | points to be considered which will take your resume next level

Focus on results:

Replace generic statements like “strong people person” or “proven team leader” with real-life examples that you can showcase with validation. If you have been an excellent team leader, showcase them with instances of how you have led the team to success and the impact you have created to the company through your initiative. Always validate your data with number values such as Rs. or %. This gives the reader the confidence on your credibility. Follow the simple mantra of Problem – Action – Results.

Keep your resume strong:

Split your resume into segments. The top part of your resume is the most important. Use it wisely. Create an exceptional executive summary that creates interest in the reader to continue reading the rest of your resume. You may want to consider bringing in visual elements into the resume to direct the attention of the reader to segments that you want them to see. The executive summary should be followed by aspects that make your resume stronger or stand as validation to statements that you have made on the executive summary. It could be a steady career timeline which gives an indication of your stability or a fast-paced growth chart. Look at things that make your resume stronger and showcase that on the face-page of your resume.

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