Thinks To Keep In Mind While Writing A Resume

Thinks To Keep In Mind While Writing A Resume

While drafting a resume, one must keep in mind that it is the most important piece of document that will lead you to the job of your dreams. It is a reflection of your personality to the interviewer, who assess you for your top qualities and makes sure that you are not just an employee in the organization, but an asset to the organization. Hence you must make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear through your writing.

Here are some of the pro tips that you can use to make your resume look professional.

Make sure that your resume does not have more than 475-600 words. It is best to keep it on one page. But if you have some interesting things about yourself that people should know, then feel free to write them only if they are relevant to the job description.

Remember this is not a place where you can write a resume, by stuffing it with a lot of keywords. Be more lively, like yourself. Write your resume from the heart, make it look more like you are talking to them. This will be a unique change and you will also be able to tell your story to the interview panel.

Please stay away from generic resumes, that have words that are often claimed to be resume cliches or buzzwords. To help you avoid these words we have come up with a little list of words.

  • Fast learner
  • Experienced
  • Team player
  • Communication skills
  • Result-driven
  • Hard-working
  • Flexible etc.

These words are floating in the stagnant sea of unsuccessful resumes for decades. So, please avoid these words at any cost. Instead, write words that are coherent with the context.

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