Bring Uniqueness To Your Resume

Bring Uniqueness To Your Resume

While you are aware that the average amount of time a recruiter spends on glancing through your resume is less than ten seconds, it is important that you know the ways in which you can capture their attention so as to ensure that you are invited for the next level of discussions. So here are some tips on how your resume can stand out from the ever-saturated job market.

One of the common mistakes that most job seekers make is to try and blend in with the crowd. With the present scenario in the market where there are too many applicants and fewer jobs open, blending in is the last thing you would want to do. While your resume is the primary weapon of choice, it is important that you take the efforts to make it stand out from the crowd.

One of the proven ways to stand out from the crowd is to add personality to your resume or the cover letter or both. By doing this, you can be sure that your resume stands out from the hundreds or thousands of other applicants who have applied for the same position as you have.

Here are three ways that can add personality to your resume:

Power Of Testimonials:

Testimonials adds credibility to your resume and it is one of the most powerful ways to stand out from the crowd. Not everyone who has applied for the position that you have applied for is good enough to receive testimonials and you have to use this to your leverage to show the employer as to why you are better than them. It is important that you receive these testimonials from the right people. You can state amazing things about yourself on your resume and its even better when these are validated through the testimonials that can back it up. Seek testimonials from your colleagues or your reporting managers from your previous organizations, especially the ones who know you well and are in a position to speak about your personality and work. Try as much to get these testimonials on LinkedIn because it is a public forum and employers can be sure that its true. You can try and collect these testimonials on LinkedIn and use snippets of these testimonials on your resume or cover letter with a hyperlink tracing it back to the original source.

Outside Of Work:

This is the aspect that you can use to bring the human element in you. This connects you with the employer on the personal side of things. Show them what you are interested in outside of work and a personal connect here can be used to your advantage. You can find a common ground outside of work that you can connect with your employer. It could be a sport you play or your interest that connects you with the employer. Look at presenting information that sparks an interest in the reader. Not all hobbies or interests are equal. You wouldn’t want to present something like singing unless you are really good at it. Some of the ideas you could explore may vary in between, being a volunteer that is of a social or a community cause, your favorite podcasts, or some interesting facts about you such as being a marathon runner or your passion for surfing.

Mirror Your Personality:

If you are a vibrant person, it is important that you resume showcases that. Adding a dash of color to your resume gives the reader the impression about your personality. It is important that you know how and where to use it. You must know that the use of these colors varies from geography to geography and from one industry to another. Overdoing it would work against your intent. So strategic use is the key. Some of the safe colors that you could experiment with are shades of blue, teal, grey, maroon and red.

These are some of the ideas that are sure to add personality to your resume. However, if you are still not sure on how to go about it, you can get in touch with us and we are happy to help. Reach out to us at 0091 78381 95810 | 


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