What Are the Must-Have Sections in Your CV?

What Are the Must-Have Sections in Your CV?

Your resume is your professional introduction to the employer. Thus, it must have all the information about you that will help the recruiter know you better. Your resume must contain the following sections to provide adequate information to the recruiter.

  1. Personal Details

While contact information is a no-brainer, a few people forget to include some of their contact details. You should provide your full name, an email address that reads professional, and a mobile number. Other optional information you can place in this segment is your LinkedIn profile and a professional website.

However, try to refrain from mentioning, work email address or any current business contacts, irrelevant social media URLs, and photographs.

You should also make sure your email address is professional, not some fancy or funny email, which you may have created in the past.

  1. Personal Profile Statement

The personal profile is a critical part of the resume.  And due to its noticeable position, the recruiter will see it first. Your objective when writing a summary is to provide an overview of yourself. What key attributes do you have? What value can you add to the organization? A short paragraph of two to three sentences, that should be able to convince the hiring panel to read your resume.

Use action words to make it punchy and powerful. And do not mention any irrelevant information.

  1. Work Experience

Your relevant employment history is the centerpiece of the resume. You should list your previous jobs in reverse-chronological order.

Keep the details concise by adding the basic information as

  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Location
  • Duration of Employment
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Achievements
  1. Educational Background

 Describe your educational history from the highest to the lowest level. Due to the competitive nature of the job, make sure to include educational details that relate to your career. The addition of professional courses or conferences will also make a difference. If you are a fresh graduate, mention your honors, dissertation title, and course work relevant to the job.   

  1. Skills

You should include a minimum of five skills that are relevant to the position you are seeking. You can indicate your language proficiency level. Try to match the qualifications in the job advertisement with the skills you have and include relevant keywords.

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